Matchingo is a matching game with some modern twists. Compete for highest score or quickest time, memorize where matches are to score combo bonuses, and challenge yourself by competing with friends.


Matchingo is an open source project written in Microsoft C# .Net and Silverlight, and hosted on CodePlex.

Matchingo is a work in progress, so check back often, and check out the Version History.


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Matchingo is created by SmartyP of

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Project Details

Matchingo is my first Silverlight project, and was created in under 120 days after work and in my spare time. It is an ongoing project and is open for improvements from the community.


.Net, Silverlight, and CodePlex images courtesy of Microsoft Corporation. Twitter bird icon courtesy of Smashing Magazine.

If you would like to see further work done on Matchingo please consider donating a dollar or two via the Paypal link below.


Matchingo has been released on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace! Please check out to learn more about Matchingo and our other games in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace.

Matchingo has been ported to Facebook! Click here to visit Facebook and compete with your friends for the highest score!

Project Status

The Matchingo codebase including the Facebook port code is built in Silverlight 2. The codebase is no longer accepting committs, and remains on Codeplex for educational use.
(last updated 10/26/2010)